Tuesday – 102213 – Front Squat, Bar Facing Burpees, C2B Pull-ups…

[caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sandbags at SLP... Sandbags at SLP...[/caption] Front Squat: 4-4-4-4 21-15-9 Reps for time: Bar Facing Burpees C2B Pull-ups Though a barbell is not required for this workout, a barbell with standard bumper plates on it will be set up for the sake of bar facing burpees. Mobility: Lax Ball Chest & Shoulder Smash Post thoughts and times to "comments".  
 •  Oct 21, 2013

3 Responses to “Tuesday – 102213 – Front Squat, Bar Facing Burpees, C2B Pull-ups…”

  1. Scott Jag says:

    Front Squats in garage gym. Had great focus today.

    Funky weights from some old oly metric plates (2.75 and 5.5).

  2. Dylan Wyn Evans says:

    love chest to bar and i like burpees.
    Chest touch every rep.
    WOD 6:58RX.

    Cmon T.Calvin,,something you can aim for. :)

  3. Thomas J. Calvin says:

    I will do My best Dylan. I felt great last night for 30 min. RX all unbroken sets. I’m not a big fan of burpbees, but I will give it hell! :-)

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