Tuesday – 051612 – Lunges, Deadlift, Run…

Anna S.

Front Rack BB Lunges:


While holding a bar in the front rack position, do 10 total lunges, alternating legs (5 per side). These lunges will be stationary, as opposed to walking lunges. In the same way we might work up to a five rep max for a back squat or strict press, this too, should be done for load. Like a front squat, the bar will likely pull the torso forward and out of position and thus a strong, vertical lunge will require a tremendous amount of midline stability.

For time:

21 Deadlift
400 M Run
18 Deadlift
400 M Run
15 Deadlift
400 M Run
12 Deadlift
400 M Run

Deadlifts: (225/163)

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 •  May 14, 2012

5 Responses to “Tuesday – 051612 – Lunges, Deadlift, Run…”

  1. Markese says:

    Front rack lunges 95-115-135, they felt very weird!!
    12:27 for the WOD, my back is smoked!!

  2. David G. says:

    Knees did not like front rack lunges. Kept it light for all three sets.

    WOD 13:40 as Rx’d. Everyone at noon was dead lifting machines today!

  3. Ryan p says:

    Lunges up to 155


  4. Leo says:

    Lunges up to 135#
    WOD – 11:04 Rx

  5. Brent J says:

    Lunges up to 155#
    WOD: 12:27 *scaled down-legs are shot-need rest.

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