Thursday – 020514 – Deadlift, Static Holds…

[caption id="attachment_5594" align="alignnone" width="560"]L-sit... L-sit...[/caption] Deadlift: Heavy 2 8 Rounds: L-sit - 1 minute OHS (45/25) - 1 minute Nose and Toes HS - 1 minute Extended DL (225/163) - 1 minute The objective of this workout is to spend as much time in each of the four static hold positions listed above. Every time a minute turns over, athletes must transition to the next movement but may rest and work at their own pace. For example, if an athlete holds the L-sit for 30 seconds, and then rests for 15 seconds, then holds again for the remaining 15 seconds, their score would be 45 seconds for L-sit - round one. The score will be the four time windows in which the athlete spent the least amount of time holding the position i.e. if your L-sit scores for rounds one through eight are :45, :42, :42, :40, :36, :37, :25, :29, then their L-sit score will be :25. Add the lowest scores from each of the four movements for a single time total. Post thoughts and times to "comments".  
 •  Feb 05, 2014

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