Sunday – 092213 – Back Squat, Row…

Ross E on the move...

Ross E on the move…

Back Squat:


For time, in teams of two, alternating between efforts:

1000 M Row
1000 M Row
800 M Row
800 M Row
600 M Row
600 M Row
400 M Row
400 M Row
200 M Row
200 M Row

Each athlete will row each distance one time. Athletes will alternate between work and rest.


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 •  Sep 21, 2013

2 Responses to “Sunday – 092213 – Back Squat, Row…”

  1. Scott Jag says:

    Did Thursday’s Front Squat workout, 3×6. Wanted to test the calf. Test passed:
    6 @ 190
    6 @ 196
    6 @ 201
    Used some old metric weights to get the “odd” weight combos.

  2. Seth says:

    Endurance WOD – Good to See Ross E featured!

    For those of you not going to the Granite Games

    See Ross E attempt to break 4hrs at the Twin Cities Marathon Next Weekend!

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