Sunday – 090813 – Pick your poison…

[caption id="attachment_5013" align="alignnone" width="560"]Hanging out... Hanging out...[/caption] CrossFit Total (compare with 5/18/13 or 5/20/13) Establish 1RM of the following: Back Squat Press Deadlift Add maximum lifts together for your CrossFit total. Athletes have three opportunities to establish max loads. … for those who have completed the total already this week … Nutrition Challenge Baseline Test: Broad Jump – max distance Shuttle Runs – max lengths in 3 minutes 3k Row ... for those who have completed the CrossFit total and the NC Baseline ... For Total Load: Snatch: HS Clean and Jerk: HS Interested in the technical expectations for the lifts according to USA Weightlifting? Here are the rules. ... for those who have already completed all three of the above workouts this week ... Alternating Tabata: Kettlebell Swing (53/35) Situps 3 Rounds, each for time: 800 M Run Rest precisely 8 minutes between efforts. Mobility – Couch stretch and standing calf stretch Log Your Workouts: Beyond the Whiteboard is an online workout tracker that we subscribe to, so it’s free for our members! Follow these instructions to create an account and join our affiliate so you can log your scores for our WOD each day. BTW also has an iPhone App that you can download. Click here for detailed instructions to create your account and join our affiliate. Post thoughts and times to “comments”.  
 •  Sep 07, 2013

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