Saturday – 062913 – Bench Press, Supine Pull-ups…

[caption id="attachment_4738" align="alignnone" width="600"]... ...[/caption] 6 Rounds: 7 Bench Press 10 Supine Grip Weighted Pull-ups There is no time  component or loading prescription for this workout. Rest as needed between sets. Bench press and pull-ups can increase and decrease in loading as needed throughout the workout, though the range from first to last set shouldn't exceed 20 lbs. Mobility: Low Back Recovery Post thoughts and weights used to "comments".   
 •  Jun 28, 2013

One Response to “Saturday – 062913 – Bench Press, Supine Pull-ups…”

  1. Amy Y. says:

    Bench @ 115#
    Supine grip PUs: no wieght……more like an “active” rest day of cf for me today;)

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