Monday – 090213 – Pull-ups, HSPU…

[caption id="attachment_4985" align="alignnone" width="560"]The rush... The rush...[/caption] EMOM - 10 Minutes: 4 Strict Pull-ups 2 Deficit HSPU EMOM - 10 Minutes: 2 Strict Pull-ups 4 Deficit HSPU There is no rest between EMOM efforts. Post thoughts to "comments".  
 •  Sep 01, 2013

3 Responses to “Monday – 090213 – Pull-ups, HSPU…”

  1. Scott Jag says:

    Got through the strict pull-ups okay. Making progress on the HSPUs. Still not doing the kipping; need to practice it, maybe get some coaching.

    Popped my calf in warmups, didn’t stop from doing the WOD but hurts like hell. Went straight to the web and learned RICE is bad advice, per Kelly Starrett.

    Further research led me to the Marc Pro. Ordered one, should have it 3 days or less. Not cheap, but looks like it accelerates recovery from injury and can also be used pro-actively to help performance.

    Interesting how a set back like a calf injury opens doors to new learnings.

  2. Mary W says:

    I’ve been discouraging my clients from icing for a year now, but getting people to believe that icing is bad for you (or at the least not helpful) is like getting people to believe the same about wheat or low-fat dairy. Scott please let us know what you think of the Marc Pro.

  3. Scott Jag says:

    Mary W., will do. I’m also going to talk my son into using it after basketball practice. He is a sophomore and I’m thinking some time at night after practice will be good pro-active recovery for him.

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