Monday – 081213 – Chin-ups, Clean and Jerk, TTB…

Grant W...

Grant W…

Weighted Chin-up:

10 x 2

Rest precisely 60 seconds between sets.


Shoulder/Lat – Banded Arm Flexion 

Open WOD 13.4

AMRAP – 7 Minutes

3 Clean and Jerk
6 Clean and Jerk
9 Clean and Jerk
… and so on and so forth until time elapses.


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 •  Aug 12, 2013

6 Responses to “Monday – 081213 – Chin-ups, Clean and Jerk, TTB…”

  1. Amy Y. says:

    WOD: up to 12 c&j (scaled down to 73#….was out of commission for while due to injured toe—sucked!)

  2. Scott Jag says:

    Weighted chin ups were fun…figured out how to use a band to dangle a dumbbell and avoid serious injury. Completed 10 sets of 2 at 35 lbs, could have done 40 or 45 lbs, never really struggled at 35.

    WOD: Got through 9 and then 7 C&J’s, Rx.

  3. markese says:

    Great Job 7am class!!
    Weighted chin ups I used 60 lbs
    For the WOD 12+12, 72 total reps

  4. Dylan Wyn Evans says:

    Chin ups used 25lbs.too easy probably.

    WOD 12 RX

  5. Mark Kimitch says:

    34x … but I did get my first successful TTB! And then I smacked myself in the chin with the bar.

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