Lots ‘o shoulders…

[caption id="attachment_710" align="alignnone" width="614" caption="Jason getting set for push-ups"]Jason getting set for push-ups[/caption] For 1/11/10 21-15-9 Reps for time: Wall-ball shots 95 lb. Push-jerk Push-ups Post thoughts and times to "comments".
 •  Jan 10, 2010

14 Responses to “Lots ‘o shoulders…”

  1. tom says:

    hell yes

  2. Matt says:

    can’t wait!

  3. Ginger says:

    11:56, rxd!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh

  4. tom says:

    7:07, RxD (plus 5lbs on the WB). nice work ginger snap.

  5. Dick says:

    13:22 Rx
    Wall ball shots were hard to get up to 10′ beginning of 2nd set. Only doing 1 pushup at a time for most of the last set.

    Nice work Ginger!!

  6. Greg says:

    11:36 Rx. Rough, but good. The 2nd set of everything was the hardest.

  7. Jeff says:

    14:33 as rxd. Then did some 3×3 max DL 255#.

  8. Ian says:

    8:57. Rx.
    Did 15 push-jerks in my first round. I was happy with that.

  9. Deborah says:

    6:34, 15lb for wall ball.

  10. Chad says:

    5:19 real good workout… loved it… made a couple of my soldier do it with me and they loved it too

  11. Dave says:

    7:59, Chest was STILL hurting from Cindy 5 days prior so my push-ups were slackin.

  12. Nick says:

    Subbed thrusters for wall ball shots with a 20kg (44 lb) kb, then used same kb alternatnating arms for the push jerk. Pushups were as rxd.

    Also way sore from Cindy, but glad I got this one off. It was fun:).

  13. Michael Sampson says:

    12:20 Rx 20 lbs wall balls

  14. Brock says:

    11:08 not Rx (75 lb push jerk) – still trying to stick the form

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