Friday – 101113 – Power Clean, Ring Dips…

[caption id="attachment_5143" align="alignnone" width="300"]Post WOD reflections... Post WOD reflections...[/caption] AMRAP - 10 Minutes: 3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12 ... and so on and so forth: Power Clean (135/93) Ring Dips Rest 6 Minutes, then... For time: Beginning where they left off, athletes will work their way back down the ladder until they have completed sets of three at each movement. Example: in ten minutes, John completes the 12 power cleans, and 9 ring dips. John, along with his fellow classmates will rest precisely six minutes. At that point John and his classmates will, as fast as possible, begin again working back down the ladder. In John's case, he will begin with nine ring dips, then twelve power cleans, then nine ring dips, then nine power cleans, then six ring dips, six power cleans, three ring dips, three power cleans. Scores will be two-part. Part one will be the AMRAP score, part two will be the time it takes for one to make their way back down the ladder. Post thoughts, scores, and times to "comments".
 •  Oct 10, 2013

2 Responses to “Friday – 101113 – Power Clean, Ring Dips…”

  1. Scott Jag says:

    104 reps on the way up (@ 115 lbs). 10:42 on the way down.

  2. Matt s. says:

    87 reps rx. 11:51 rx back down. Pretty proud of rx’ing the ring dips!

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