Friday – 080913 – Overhead Squat, Turkish Get-up, HS Walks…

[caption id="attachment_4893" align="alignnone" width="600"]Ryan W... Ryan W...[/caption] Overhead Squat: 2-2-2-2-2 3 Rounds, not for time: 10 Turkish Get-ups (5 reps/side) 30 M HS Walk HS Walk Sub: 7 Wall Climbs : 30 M HS Walk Post thoughts and loads used to "comments".
 •  Aug 08, 2013

7 Responses to “Friday – 080913 – Overhead Squat, Turkish Get-up, HS Walks…”

  1. Dylan Wyn Evans says:

    Wooaaa thought this would have been an easy day-wrong ha

    OHS..felt good today,thanks to wrist straps and a little tip
    From TQ(Tyler) last week on my form.
    PR’d my OHS from 115lbs to 160lbs.45lbs more!
    1x160lbs-CRASH FAIL

  2. Thomas J. Calvin says:

    who’s the little guy in the picture? haha COOL pic. Ryan
    Nice job on a 45lbs. (OHS) PR– Dylan…

  3. RYAN P says:

    way to many Ryan’s !!! great pic

  4. Ryan D says:


  5. Thom Calvin says:

    Overhead squat-135-155-175-185-205
    Turkish getups at 50lbs. Did a few 65lbs. Bar. That was fun
    Walking on hands felt great today.

  6. Ryan p says:

    OHS up to 245

    TGU up to 55 lbs db

    HSPU wend good first round poor sencond round

    Finished 3 rds of TGU but only 2 rds of HSW

  7. Jess S. says:

    I had great time stopping in for noon class.
    OHS double up to 143#
    Turkish getups @30#
    Handstand walks went very well. Just remember to breath.

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