Death by 10 Meters

[caption id="attachment_233" align="alignnone" width="627" caption="A nervous pace precedes a vicious WOD at CrossFit Minneapolis"]A nervous pace precedes a vicious WOD at CrossFit Minneapolis[/caption] With a continuously running clock, sprint ten meters the first minute, 20 meters (down and back) the second, thirty the third, and so on and so forth until you are unable to complete the number of 10 meter down and back efforts required for the round. Post thoughts and rounds completed to "comments".
 •  Sep 10, 2009

3 Responses to “Death by 10 Meters”

  1. Matt says:

    4 Rounds for Time:

    Run 400 M
    10 Sideways Jump Lunges
    10 Tuck jumps
    10 Jump Lunges


  2. Stephanie says:

    17 rounds

    On a related WOD note, in TEXAS (all caps because everything is bigger in TEXAS!), our coach once gave us a minute to run as many sprints back and forth as possible, 3 times. Similar idea to today’s WOD. I think it was a shorter distance, so I managed to get 20 rounds. I see today as an improvement, longer sprints and almost as many rounds!

  3. JHQueezy says:

    Gave “Diane” a whirl:

    20:25 w/ 155# DL

    Proud of myself for making at through all those HSPU’s though!

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