071214 – Saturday – Back Squat, Deadlift

Weird, Thom C's biceps making another guest appearance, but Coach Jackie's are MUCH bigger...

Weird, Thom C’s biceps making another guest appearance, but Coach Jackie’s are MUCH bigger…

CrossFit Class

Pre-Workout Mobility:
Hamstring Flossing (20 reps per side)

For Load:
Back Squat:


Athletes will alternate between the movements on each set. One set of back squats then one set of deadlifts and so on and so forth. There is no time component to this workout. The objective is to establish a heavy triple for each of the movements.

OLY Class

Jerk in Split:

Clean Above Knee + Jerk:
2 x (2 + 2)
2 x (1 + 2)
2 x (1 + 1)

Clean Pull:

Competition Class

Saturday – 071214 – Primer Cycle (06/21)

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 •  Jul 11, 2014

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