CrossFit Games Open

Final Open event logistics - CrossFit St Louis Park, first heat starts at 7pm The final open event will be structured slightly differently because it's a task oriented workout and we still want to meet our objectives of allowing whomever wants to complete the workouts to be able to complete them as RXd if they choose to. To accomplish this in a two hour window we will have three groups of athletes - you need to choose which group you belong in, and please choose wisely.
  • EASY RIDERS - You will take longer than 30 minutes on the workout and want to complete the whole workout as RXd
  • DIRTY THIRTIES - You can complete the workout in less than 30 minutes or are comfortable doing as much of the workout as you can in 30 minutes (we will uphold a strict time cap so if you think you'll go past 30 and want to do the full workout please move into the EASY RIDERS).
  • TURBO TWENTIES - You can complete the workout in less than 20 minutes (if you are uncertain then please move to the DIRTY THIRTIES)
Participants, please choose your group and choose wisely. We will start the first heat of EASY RIDERS and DIRTY THIRTIES (20 bars) at 7pm. The EASY RIDERS will be partnered up and share a bar, conducting the workout at the same time and judging each other. This may sound weird but if you analyze the workout, if you're doing this workout in 30 minutes that's 5.6 reps per minute, which leaves significant more rest time than work time. This will also force you to go faster - trust us it'll work very well. The DIRTY THIRTIES will have 30 minutes, and will be judged by participants from heat 2. At the end of 30 minutes we will have a 10 minute changover period, and the second heat of DIRTY THIRTIES will begin at the 40 minute mark. At the end of the first two heats (70 minutes) the EASY RIDERS will be finished. We will then move into another DIRTY THIRTY heat if necessary, or move to the TURBO TWENTIES to finish out the event. Sound good? Let us know if you have questions. Let's have some fun!!! OPEN FLYER The CrossFit Games is a global competition to find the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth. Each year, anyone can test their fitness during the Open competition. The Open is a five-week competition where participants complete one workout per week and receive a score that ranks them among their region and worldwide. After the Open, the top individual athletes and top teams qualify for Regionals. Our regional qualifier is March 8-10 in Chicago. Click here for details about the CrossFit Games. While the Open's primary purpose is to find the fittest people in the world, it also serves to unite the worldwide CrossFit community, where hundreds of thousands of people can test themselves and see where they stack up. Workouts are programmed so most people can participate and receive a score. Not sure whether the Open is for you? Ask around with your fellow athletes or coaches. Most will tell you it's a fun experience that helps focus your training and makes you feel more connected with your CrossFit community. We structure the Open for ease of participation. Each Friday, starting on February 28, we will host a competition style event with judges and heats, and participants will all complete the week's Open workout in front of a supportive crowd. Those who cannot attend on Friday can complete the Open workout during any class time or open gym each Sunday. Still not sure if you should participate in the open? Still not sure what it is? Email us, go to the games site and do a little reading. Schedule of events is as follows: Friday, February 28 - 7pm at CrossFit St Paul (Judges arrive at 6pm, participates can arrive at 6:30pm) Friday, March 7 - 7pm at CrossFit St Paul (Judges arrive at 6pm, participates can arrive at 6:30pm) Saturday, March 15 - 1pm at CrossFit Minneapolis (Judges arrive at 12pm, participants can arrive at 12:30pm) Friday, March 21 - 6:30pm at CrossFit Minneapolis (Judges arrive at 5:30pm) Friday, March 28 - 7pm at CrossFit St Louis Park (Judges arrive at 6pm)