Nutrition Challenge Instructions

Congratulations on deciding to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level! Please read these instructions carefully, and then ask questions at any time when they come up. We want you to be successful and are here to help! Here's what you do to participate - Go shopping and only purchase whole, unprocessed foods. Commit to eating only those foods for six weeks. Spend extra time prepping meals for the week, eat out less, etc. Spend extra time and planning to ensure you get ample sleep during the six weeks. Get your planned workouts in. You will be placed on a team and your team's scores will determine a winner - this is just to add a little excitement. Do the above and you will see amazing results. Click here for a nutrition start-up guide. Timeline – we will add events throughout the challenge, and will update this timeline:
  • January 9th – Deadline to sign up for the nutrition challenge, register here.
  • January 12th – Teams assigned by GMs, start of challenge
  • January 17th – Kick off meeting with Mike Jones at SLP, 11:30 am.
  • February 21st – In-House Throw-Down and potluck at SLP
  • February 21st – End of Challenge. Submit your results here by February 22nd.
Please complete the following tasks by the designated date in order to maximize your challenge:
  1. January 9th – Register for the challenge here. $30 for registration and pot goes to the winners
  2. January 12th – Find out team here (assigned by GM)(
  3. January 12th – Chose team captain and establish method of reporting scores.
  4. January 17th – Attend kick off meeting at SLP
  5. Weekly – Submit score totals each week to team captain. Team captains record weekly point total for team here (
  6. February 21st – Participate in In-House Throw-Down (OPTIONAL)
  7. February 21st – Team captains report final score to GMs
  8. February 23rd – Winning team is announced
  9. Stay accountable, ask questions, and participate in the discussion in our Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group – join it here.
Point System
  1. Food log: Points are summarized at end of day and reported to team captain, then totaled at end of each week.
  • 1 serving of vegetables (non-starch) +3 points
  • 1 serving of fruit +1 point
  • 8 oz of water +1 point
  • 1 serving lean protein +2 points
  • 1 serving processed (sugar, chips, packaged non-expiring) food -3 points
  • 1 alcoholic beverage -2 points
  1. Workout log: Points are totaled at end of week (record workouts on BTWB)
  • 1 workout (WOD, strength, Oly, Alchemy) +5 points
  • 1 recovery sessions (mobility class, massage, chiropractic visit, yoga) +3 point
  • PR on benchmark WOD or Total lift (squat, deadlift, press, snatch, C&J) +3 points
  • Less than 3 workouts in a week -10 points
  1. Sleep: >7 hours +3 point, <7 hours -3 point
  2. Total (Team Captains): Add points from food, workouts, and sleep and log team total on the google doc.
Resources: Nutrition Challenge Start-up Guide Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group