Nutrition Challenge Instructions

Congratulations on deciding to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level! Please read these instructions carefully, and then ask questions at any time when they come up. We want you to be successful and are here to help! Timeline - we will add events throughout the challenge, and will update this timeline:
  • Sunday, April 6th - 12pm Kick-off meeting at CrossFit St Paul. Please complete baseline WOD during any of our scheduled classes on Saturday or Sunday
  • Monday, April 7th - Start of challenge
  • Saturday, April 13th - First week check-in Meeting with Paul Nobles
  • Saturday, April 19th - Check-in meeting with Paul Nobles - 12pm at CrossFit St Paul
  • Saturday, April 26th at 12pm - Food preparation & shopping discussion with Nick Knutzen  - CrossFit St Paul
  • Sunday, May 11th - Lecture and practical application of meditation with Danielle Jokinen - 12:15pm at CrossFit St Paul
  • Saturday, May 17th - Sleep Lecture with Dr. Snidgha Sagar, MD. Find bio here - 12pm at CrossFit St Paul
  • Saturday, June 28th - End of Challenge. Submit your results here by July 4th.
Please complete the following tasks by the designated date in order to maximize your challenge:
  1. Sunday, April 6th - Register for the challenge here. $75 rate includes 2-bodpod assessments ($50) and pot for winners
  2. Week of 3/31 or 4/7 - Complete initial Bodpod assessment at the U of M. Book a time here. If there are no spots available email to schedule, [email protected] The BodPod is located at the U of M Rec Center.
  3. Sunday, April 6th - Complete baseline WOD. The gym WOD at all gyms Saturday and Sunday will be the baseline WOD.
  4. Sunday, April 6th - Attend kickoff meeting at 12pm at CrossFit St Paul (Attendance is not a requirement of participation in the challenge)
  5. Sunday, April 6th - Take Before pictures (see below for photo guidelines) and store them.
  6. Monday, April 7th - Create Beyond the Whiteboard account and join our gyms. Click here to create your account (free for members).
  7. Monday, April 7th - Log baseline WOD and join Lifestyle Challenge questions daily in Beyond the Whiteboard.
  8. Monday, April 7th - Log 1 week of meals in My Fitness Pal - create your account here.
  9. Throughout challenge - Log your workouts and Lifestyle Challenge points daily in BTW.
  10. Saturday, June 28 - Take after photos (see below for photo submissions). Top five men and women will be asked to send us their before/after photos. In order to be eligible to win, you must provide photos.
  11. Saturday, June 28 - Complete baseline WOD
  12. Saturday, June 28 - Submit scores for baseline WOD, Bodpod, and BTW Lifestyle Challenge score via google form. Click here for form.
  13. Stay accountable, ask questions, and participate in the discussion in our Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group - join it here.
Photo Submission: 1. Take three photos of yourself in a well lit room from 6 feet away, one facing your front, one facing your left side, one facing your back. Men should wear shorts, women should wear shorts and a sports bra. Before and after photos should be taken in the exact same spot wearing the same clothing. You don't have to send photos to participate but you must send photos to win prizes. 2. Store your photos during the challenge. We will ask the top five men & women to submit their photos via email.