Nutrition Challenge

THE CFSP|CFMPLS|CFSLP NUTRITION CHALLENGE IS BACK! Our popular and effective Nutrition Challenge is back! This challenge is a 12-week event where participants perform a series of starting tests to assess their overall health, agree to follow a relatively strict food, sleep, stress management, and exercise regimen over 12 weeks, and log their results regularly. There will be regular events, check-up meetings, and resources available to help educate you and maximize the benefits of participating in this challenge. To make things interesting all registration fees (minus bodpod expenses) will be paid out to 1st and second place male and female winners of the challenge. Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase performance, the accountability and support from your community will see you through! We've overhauled our challenge this year and are excited to announce that we'll be partnering with the people at Eat to Perform. This partnership brings added resources and support from subject matter experts in the field, to help with questions, compliance, and planning. Participants will attend a kickoff meeting on Sunday, April 6th at 12pm at CrossFit St Paul, where Paul Nobles from Eat to Perform will give a nutrition lecture. The workout of the day in all classes on Saturday or Sunday will be the baseline workout that all participants are expected to complete as well, so you'll be able to finish the workout prior to the kickoff event (Kickoff attendance is not required - the kickoff lecture will be video recorded). Click here for event logistics and timelines. Prize packages will be as follows: Male & Female Contest Winners - Overall contest winners will receive 1 month free unlimited membership and a cash prize. Overall second place winners will receive 1 month unlimited membership. Cash prize amount will be determined after registration and will be based on the amount of participants, less expenses for us to run the event (we won't be taking any profit on this event, just covering our expenses) so the more participants we have the greater the cash prize! Click here for further details and here to sign-up!